CCM's newest iteration of their premier style goalie gear, the Axis series, releases this April of 2020. Here are some things to expect from the newest elite goalie pad tech that CCM's bringing froward for 2020.

The Axis will be similar to CCM's Premier II Pro Goalie Pads which came out back in 2018, but will feature new tech CCM has been testing in thier labs. The glove will be a 590 break, and we expect to see a similar lightweight velcro trapping system on the pads like the Premiers before them as well as many other features that makes this line so popular.

The Axis pads feature a new aggresive design on the face of the pad. By utilising inward slanting stiched color zones and outer digital printed accents, CCM gives the pads a new redesigned look. 

We expect the Axis to push the levels the Premier II series gear with lighter weight, ice sealability, and overall fit. Be sure to stay tuned for when these pads are available for sale here on Sports Zone Canada!