The Bauer Nexus ADV is 2020's hot new hockey stick, and it will be available at Sports Zone in Waterloo beginning Jan. 25 - in store only!

This launch comes a few months following the Bauer Supreme ADVreleased on October 12, 2019 in limited quantities. Sports Zone is proud to have been chosen to offer these limited-edition products. To learn more about this the Bauer Nexus ADV, contact us today.

Now let's dig in and take a look at what makes this stick so unique.

Bauer Nexus ADV Hockey Stick - Available at Sports Zone!

What sets the Nexus ADV apart?

The Nexus ADV is packed with cutting edge technology to provide elite players with enhanced power and control

The Nexus ADV continues Bauer's trend of pushing the balance between performance and weightlessness.

What pops immediately is the SlingTech Blade featured on the Bauer Nexus ADV. It features a hole along the center of the blade to create two separate areas of the blade that have different properties.

By using a more rigid top of the blade for stability and control, and a flexible bottom for power, the Nexus ADV’s SlingTech blade combines and improves the two of the most important aspects of the blade.

"Less material means a lighter stick," says Tyson Teplitsky, Bauer’s lead stick guru. The blade is a blend of two pieces: stiffer stuff above the hole for stability, and a more flexible lower section meant to provide a slingshot effect.

Additionally, Bauer has done extensive testing to ensure durability wouldn’t suffer for improved performance, they have reinforced the walls around the hole for extra strength.


SlingTech is intended to enhance your blade by making it lighter and stronger while also improving your release and accuracy

Additional key features

The Nexus ADV hockey stick uses a 5-sided shaft geometry that features a concave wall on the front of the stick and a concave 2-sided back wall.

This shaft uses Advanced Carbon Layering with ER Spine Tech, meaning excess layers of carbon fibre are removed from key loading points of the stick without altering the Nexus mid-kick point. 

The Bauer Nexus ADV also features Sonic Taper Technology, which reduces weight, improves stability, and creates an energy transfer down through the stick for a faster and more powerful release. 

An optimized flex profile also allows you to lean much easier into the shots and achieve maximum release velocity on every type of shot

Bauer Nexus ADV - Early reviews

At least one NHL player was spotted using this new stick in January, namely Jake DeBrusk of the Boston Bruins.

According to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, DeBrusk attended a summer event in Boston along with fellow NHL hockey players Pierre-Luc Dubois, Noah Hanifin, Andrei Svechnikov, Jack Hughes, and Quinn Hughes, as well as top prospect Alexis Lafreniere. 

There, DeBrusk played around with a prototype, and he was looking forward to trying it out in a game situation.

The Nexus ADV paid off early for Jake DeBrusk with this sweet snipe against the Vegas Golden Knights on Jan 22

“If you get it in the sweet spot, this thing [expletive] rips,” DeBrusk told Matt Porter of the Boston Globe.

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