In this article, we are going to outline what your child needs for softball equipment this year.

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Now let's dig in and take a look at the different elements of softball equipment your child needs to play their best this season.

What Does My Child Need For Softball Equipment This Year?

Softball Equipment Essentials

1. Cleats

Softball cleats must have rubber or hard plastic spikes. Metal spikes are therefore not allowed. However, soccer cleats are usually permitted. 

Price range: $35 - $50

These Mizuno spikes are perfect for your young softball player

2. Glove

Your child can't take to the field without this important piece of softball equipment: a glove!

Softball gloves differ from baseball gloves, and you can further distinguish between fastpitch and slowpitch softball. 

Here's a look at how the sizing works for each courtesy of

Fastpitch Glove Sizing Chart

Age Infield Outfield
Under 8  9"-11" 10.5"-11.5"
9 to 13 10.5"-11.5" 11"-11.5"
High School 11.5"-12.5" 12.5"-13"
Adult 11.5"-12.5" 12.5"-13"

Slowpitch Glove Sizing Chart

Size Position
12"-13" Infield
12.5"-14" Outfield

Price range$75 - $250

Make sure you get a softball glove and not a baseball glove

3. Batting Helmet (With Facemask)

Some softball leagues will provide your child with protective helmets, but - just like in hockey - it's a good idea to invest in your own in order to ensure proper fit.

When looking for a helmet, make sure to purchase one with both a facemask and a chin strap. 

Faceguards are particularly important if your child wears braces, and they are important simply for an extra level of protection. Chin straps are an easy way to make sure your child's helmet is safe and secure. They’re easy to attach and can be adjusted to create a tighter fit. 

For helmets and facemasks, make sure you find one that is manufactured by the same company as the helmet to minimize any issues with attachment

Note: Most children'e leagues will supply bats, but as your youngster gets older, you might want to invest in one that fits their specific height and weight. Click here to see our softball bat sizing guide.

Softball Equipment: Where Your Child Can Play in Kitchener-Waterloo

The Kitchener-Waterloo area is home to two exceptional softball leagues for children.

1. Kitchener-Waterloo Minor Boys Softball: This association has been operating for over 50 years, and provides a range of leagues for all ages and competition levels.

2. Kitchener Minor Girls SoftballBegin with the Learn-To-Play (LTP) program for girls aged 5-6. It offers opportunities to practice the skills needed to successfully take part in competition softball as they get older.


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