In this article, we are going to take at some of the best new goalie equipment Canada has to offer in 2020.

Finding the right goalie equipment is essential to successfully playing this important position. Your gear will last for years, so you'll want it to be high quality and comfortable.

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Now, let's dig in and look at the latest and greatest goalie equipment available in 2020.

Goalie Equipment Canada - 2020's Latest and Greatest Products

Goalie Equipment Canada: Best new pads

One of the new arrivals that we are very excited about here at Sports Zone is a set of CCM Extreme Flex E4.9 Goalie Pads, which came out in late 2019.

These pads have explored new graphic designs while providing improved agility and ice sealing capability

The material on the outside of the pad is CCM’s high quality “SpeedSkin” synthetic material that creates new boundaries for styling and function without sacrificing durability.

Designed to be the best performing goalie pad material on the market, “SpeedSkin” provides the smooth and quick sliding ability a goalie needs to get across the crease. 

In terms of pad construction, the CCM Extreme Flex E4.9 pads feature all-new DuaLiteCore Technology to maximizes your maneuverability. 

Here's a look at the full list of features of one of the current top pieces of goalie equipment Canada has to offer:

  • OUTER FLEX: Single Break for Maximum flexibility.
  • INNER FLEX: Pre-curved Single Break Core. Closes the 5 hole.
  • BOOT FLEX: 90 degree with Torsional Flex. Offers flexibility for Power Pushes.
  • BOOT CHANNEL: Deep Ultra Soft. Freedom of movement.
  • LEG CHANNEL/CALF-STRAP OPTION: Tight fit no calf strap. Lightweight set up with QMSS at calf for quick response.
  • KNEE STRAP SYSTEM: No Strap – 2’’ Elastic Knee for a customized fit.
  • KNEE CRADLE: Recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap. Deeper knee cradle help closing the 5 hole.
  • CORE DUAL1TECORE TECH: Lightweight goal pad featuring dual flex profile design for quicker transition into butterfly.
  • KNEE RAISER: 3D Grip / PE foam. Seals pad to the ice.

These pads come with a single outside break and a pre-curved single inside break core to better allow you to close the 5 hole. 

Goalie Equipment Canada: Must-have mask

The NME 10 goalie mask is Bauer's most innovative mask to date. The materials used both in the shell and in the liner are the most advanced that Bauer has ever put into a helmet.

This cage weighs 50% less than traditional stainless steel cages, but it is also twice as strong

The shell of this mask is built with a fibreglass base, and it also features a carbon outer layer.  This Innegra fibre, which Bauer currently uses in their high-end goalie sticks, acts to hold the carbon and fibreglass fibres together to prevent chipping. It also serves as an excellent vibration dampener.

Additionally, the shell also features some vibration dampening tape (the same that's also used in airplanes) to further dampen impact vibrations and protect your head as skaters crash the net.

This mask is available here, and check out these amazing mask painting ideas after you've made your purchase to create the best looking goalie equipment in Canada.

Goalie Equipment Canada: Block and trap like a pro

We recommend checking out the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker and the CCM Extreme Flex 4.9 Senior Goalie Glove, both of which are available through Sports Zone.

Let's start with the blocker.

CCM has manufactured a large, balanced blocker designed for redirecting pucks into corners with ease

Here are some key features you need to be aware of:

  • Front Face: Bindingless
  • Palm Position: Center Palm Position
  • Palm: Nash offers a more comfortable handle and helps soften up the feel of holding a stick
  • Palm Guard: Reinforced Hand
  • Palm Gussett: Ventilated Mesh
  • Lock Thumb Protector: Moulded Thumb
  • Finger Protectors: HD Foam Wrap with added D30 Protection
  • Blocking Board: Heat Laminated Dual Density Foam with PE Board
  • Cuff: Segmented & Adjustable Cuff

In short, the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior features high-quality construction and high-grade materials in both the outer materials and interior core. 

In late 2019, CCM developed their newest adaptation in the Extreme Flex franchise: the all-new CCM Extreme Flex 4.9 Senior Goalie glove is meticulously engineered and handcrafted for a game-ready feel!

CCM uses their proprietary “SpeedSkin” synthetic stamped material which creates a new level for style and function

Important features include:

  • Cuff / Thumb: One piece
  • Break Angle: 600 - This popular glove is perfect for those goalies that hold their glove towards the side rather than upright like Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens.
  • Palm Stiffness: Game Ready Fit
  • Wrist Strap: Webbing Strap
  • Pocket: Double Straight Tee for maximum puck retention.
  • Finger Guard: Raised Foam Finger Padding
  • Cuff / Thumb Protection: Injection Moulded PE and PE Foam
  • Inner Palm: 1/4" Felt / Foam
  • Finger Stalls: Nash

The products mentioned above are examples of the best and latest goalie equipment in Canada. Spring is typically when CCM and Bauer release their new models, and until then, these products are typically kept pretty close to the chest protector.

We recommend keeping an eye on In Goal Magazine and Goalie Gear Nerd for the freshest news on goalie equipment in Canada.

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