In this article, we are going to discuss hockey training trends heading into 2020, and how Sports Zone can help.

Sports Zone has been operating in Waterloo for over 16 years, and we know what it takes to excel. Whatever you need to keep up with hockey training trends, we have it.

Now, let's dig in and take a look at some hockey training trends you need to know.

Hockey Training Trends 2020

Off Ice Trends: Tapping Into New Wealth Of Information

There have been many technological advancements in recent years that can help you become the best possible hockey player.

Some of these technologies certainly include video technology, where players can watch replays moments after the action has occurred thanks to tablets kept on the bench. That instant feedback can help you make adjustments on the fly and get a leg up on the opposition in real-time.

Longer video sessions where plays are broken down frame by frame are beneficial in terms of taking your game to the next level.

On top of that, there are ways to ensure you get the best possible equipment so that you're optimized for peak performance before you even step on the ice. Sports Zone features two of these devices: the Bauer 3D skate lab, and the CCM stick fitter.

Bauer 3D skate lab

By stepping onto the measuring pad, both of your feet are scanned using the Bauer seven-point foot profile system. A series of algorithms determine the Bauer skate best suited for you, whether SUPREME, VAPOR or NEXUS.

Additionally, the skate lab will recommend adjustments to be made in terms of sizing based on length, width, arch and heel depth.

Getting scanned at Sports Zone will put you in the same database as players like Patrick Kane, Jack Eichel, and Auston Matthews.

Here's what you can expect from the Bauer 3D lab

CCM Stick Fitter

This is an online tool that asks players a series of in-depth questions to determine which CCM stick (Ribcor, JetSpeed or Super Tacks) and flex is best suited for their height, weight, and style of player.

Designed to ensure the most accurate results are secured, the tool asks different questions per age group ranging from favourite players, skills the individual aims to improve, most used shot, and more.

“CCM has always aimed to provide hockey players with the best performing equipment and latest technology,” said Jeff Dalzell, Vice President of Product Creation for CCM Hockey. “With this innovation, we are giving players of all ages and levels direct access to CCM expertise in order for them to easily navigate the stick-buying process and find the product that will unleash their potential on the ice.”

During testing, 80% of players who tried their recommended stick rated it higher than their current stick.

On-Ice Hockey Training Trends: How We Skate

Small Space Training

Hockey is being played at as fast a pace as ever, and players are left with far less time and space in which to maneuver.

A big part of training these days is working within close quarters in order to succeed at the highest levels of hockey.

It's important to have small space skills in terms of skating and stickhandling.

The End of Power Skating?

In light of the above, there's an increasing belief that power skating is a thing of the past, specifically skating end to end without any resistance.

While it's beneficial for young players learning to skate in order to build leg strength, serious hockey players can benefit from technical skating sessions or even figure skating for increased dexterity.

Take Buffalo Sabres forward Jeff Skinner, for example.

According to the Buffalo News, "Skinner has used his background as a competitive figure skater to make plays others would not dare to try. He will occasionally do a single axel in the neutral zone to avoid defenders and is one of few players capable of the mohawk, a maneuver during which he opens both hips, turns both feet outward and glides along either the inside or outside edges of his blades."

This gives Skinner a distinct advantage on the ice and is a reason why Skinner is such an effective goal scorer.

This goal exemplifies how Jeff Skinner uses his figure skating training to score!

Explosive Speed

One of the aspects of his game that makes Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid so great is his explosive speed, and it's something many are stressing the importance of for young players.

The game is getting quicker, meaning an emphasis on skating and speed development at all levels has become a priority for anyone striving to play at the highest levels.

A recent example of McDavid's explosive speed

Zone Focused Training

There's also an increased focus on playing without the puck. Hockey is a series of battles in the offensive, defensive, and neutral areas of the ice, and each zone demands players utilize different skills in order to gain an edge. 

You require opportunities to learn and implement skills, techniques and strategies in all three zones and all three phases of your game.

Proper Nutrition

“Good nutrition accounts for 50% of my performance, with 40% being mental and 10% being physical.” This is from Hayley Wickenheiser, who was recently welcomed into the Hockey Hall of Fame based on her truly legendary career.

She's convinced that good nutrition gave her the endurance to excel, and you can read more about her regimen here

Hockey training trends aren't solely implemented on the ice, and Sports Zone can get you equipped to stay on top of the latest developments.

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