Today, we're going to discuss Kitchener-Waterloo skate sharpening.

Whether you play hockey, figure skate, or participate in recreational skating, it's important to have fresh blades when taking to the ice. Sports Zone can meter your blades to perfection and the end result is better performance on the ice - visit us today to learn more.

Kitchener-Waterloo Skate Sharpening

Sports Zone is located at 92 Lodge Street in Waterloo, ON.


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What Sets Sports Zone Apart

We are equipped with three Blademaster skate sharpening machines.

  • Two machines dedicated for hockey skate sharpening
  • One machine dedicated as a figure skate detailing and sharpening center

Blademaster is the global leader in skate care equipment and supplies.

Additionally, we employ a tool and die approach to our skate sharpening. What that means is on top of our machines that run over the entire blade, our sharpeners also use a machinist square tool to meter the blade to perfection, giving you the perfect edges.

Our prices:

Hockey Skate Sharpening - $6.00 (tax included)
Figure Skate Sharpening - $12.00 (tax included)

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Get an edge on the competition with Kitchener-Waterloo skate sharpening

How To Know Your Skates Have Been Sharpened Properly

There are three factors involved in the perfect skate sharpening, according to Sparx Hockey: Even edges, sharp edges, and a smooth surface.

  • Even edgesAfter having your skates sharpened, turn the skate upside down and look down at the skating surface - it should appear perfectly level. A quick test for even edges is to lay a loonie on top of the blade. If the coin appears level, your edges are sufficiently even.
  • Sharp edges: "The key to confidently turning and stopping is knowing that your edge will be there when you need it. A quick test for a sharp edge is to hold the skate upside down, place one thumbnail on the edge of the blade and gently pull down and away from the blade. A good, sharp blade will, with very little pressure, easily scrape a layer of your thumbnail,  leaving the remnants on the blade." (Source: Sparx Hockey)
  • Sharp surface: There should be no lines, bumps, or grooves on the outside of the blade. Give it a quick slide with your thumb and examine under a bright light to make sure.

You'll also want to be aware of the radius of hollow; the small groove at the bottom of the blade. 

Some skaters prefer a small RoH because it allows for:

  • Harder and more aggressive turns
  • Greater bite in the ice for acceleration
  • Greater grip on the ice when, for example, battling for position in front of the net

Other players prefer a larger RoH because they feel that a flatter profile:

  • Retains sufficient edge to still stop and turn
  • Provides greater forgiveness on the ice and the ability to slide a bit laterally when making quick changes in direction or drifting moves (e.g. lining up a one-timer)
  • Results in less friction and thus more speed when gliding
  • Causes less fatigue because there is less friction to overcome

(Source: Sparx Hockey)

The experts at Sports Zone can help you determine what kind of blade is best for you.

Teddy Richards, head equipment manager for the Florida Panthers, gives a lesson on skate sharpening

Kitchener-Waterloo Skate Sharpening: When To Get It Done

The answer to this question depends on how often you skate and what you use them for.

Skate Amherstburg offers the following helpful timeline:

"When skaters start out shuffling across the ice, once or twice a season should be fine. When skaters start to use their edges more and dig into the ice, maybe 3 or 4 times a season. This is assuming skating once a week for one hour. When figure skaters reach a more advanced level, doing single and double jumps, skating 4-6 hours a week, once every month would be advisable. When Hockey players start skating one or two games a week, at a more advanced skating level, once every 4-6 games is a good bench mark."

Parents will want to keep an eye on the condition of young one's skates, while more experienced skaters will develop a feel for when they need to get their blades sharpened.

We can answer all your questions on skate sharpening topics - visit us today!

Trust Sports Zone For The Best in Kitchener-Waterloo Skate Sharpening!

Like the major chain sporting retailers, we carry all the major hockey skate and figure skate brands you need to play your best.

Sports Zone also has a trade-in program. Bring in your used equipment and get credit towards your next purchase!

The Sports Zone difference, however, is our personalized level of service. We pledge to offer the customer a personal, small-store service experience but with all the sports equipment and apparel athletes need to excel at their sport.

As Waterloo's largest independent sports retailer, we've provided thousands of athletes with the high-performance sports gear that helped them excel in their chosen sport - and we can do the same for you.

Whether you need a skate sharpening, hockey equipment, skates, hockey sticks, goalie equipment, figure skates, or other sports equipment, Sports Zone has what you need at the best price, guaranteed!

Visit us today to get the best sports equipment you need to compete and take advantage of our in-store services.

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What Sports Zone Customers Are Saying:

"I've been going to Sportszone for my figure skating needs and my brother for his hockey equipment for the longest time. Vince and Susan are amazing people to work with and treat their customers amazingly well. They have incredible knowledge about their products and only want the best for their customers."
- Kimberley Slimming