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Custom X5 Pro Goalie Equipment

When it comes to ice hockey, goaltenders are the last line of defense. The gear they wear plays a crucial role in their performance and confidence on the ice. Bauer has once again raised the bar with their Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Pads. Offering a perfect blend of functionality and style, these pads provide goaltenders with exceptional performance and now a personalized touch with an option to order fully custom for a mid-level price point. This means that goaltenders are able to get any color and any spec they desire without having to buy "top of the line' Bauer understands that goaltenders want their gear promptly. Custom ordering the Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Pads requires an estimated eight-week production time. During this period, Bauer's team of experts will meticulously craft each pad according to the goaltender's specifications, ensuring they get exactly what they ordered. To order the Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Pads, simply go to the Bauer website and utilize the intuitive ordering system or visit us to select your preferred customization options Once the order is confirmed, Bauer's dedicated team will begin the production process, working diligently to deliver the pads within the specified timeframe. On top of this, we have also ordered sets of X5 Pro Pads in select sizes and select custom colors for Wolves, Rangers, Grvphons, and Huskies on the wav. Call or come in store to check availability.