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Price Match Guarantee Policy

We'll match any competitor’s price plus give you an additional 5% off the lower price in the form of an in-store credit only.

Competitive pricing is something we at Sports Zone strive to maintain, yet there are times that our competition will lower a price before we are able to react, or we simply have priced an item based on manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing. The absolute lowest price is impossible to maintain, as there are always stores that monitor retail pricing (like ourselves) or are desperate for business, and will undercut anyone just to make a the sale and generate cash flow. Keep in mind that these types of business practices do not lend themselves to a long-term commitment toward the customer and the store may not be around long enough to help if there is ever a need for service or assistance.

We will always* match a competitor's price on any item. This 'in stock' policy is to combat the many stores that attempt to lure customers to shop at their store by offering ridiculous pricing on an item that is available in limited quantities, colors or un-sellable sizing and in some cases, these stores do not even have the item, at all. (Anyone can offer a fantastic, below cost price on an item they really don't have because they never have to actually 'sell' the product).

Whatever the situation - if you have seen an item cheaper at our competitor or if you feel that our pricing is non-competitive in any way, please tell us and we'll do our very best to rectify the problem. We want to run a fair and profitable business, while seeking to keep our customers happy and satisfied.