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Today, we're introducing the Bauer Supreme ADV hockey stick.

Sports Zone is proud to have been chosen to offer this limited-edition product. The Bauer Supreme ADV was released on October 12, 2019 in limitied quantities. To learn more about this stick, contact us today.

The Bauer Supreme ADV is set apart by its lighter weight. It also features a number of attractive qualities. Let's dig in and see why this stick is so special!

Bauer Supreme ADV Hockey Stick - Available at Sports Zone!

What sets this stick apart?

The Supreme ADV features Bauer's new Sonic Taper Technology. It reduces weight, improves stability, and creates an energy transfer down through the stick for a faster and more powerful release. 

An optimized flex profile also allows you to lean much easier into the shots and achieve maximum release velocity on every type of shot.

Additionally, the Bauer Supreme ADV comes with FastCore - this is their new blade core, created with two different foams and fused together.

The strike zone in the middle of the blade helps maximize energy and the outer area is designed to reduce weight.

In total, the Supreme ADV weighs only 375 grams - the lightest Supreme stick ever.

Improve your confidence with the Bauer Supreme ADV

Bauer Supreme ADV - Key Features You Need to Know

The original ADV came from Bauer's Vapor line of sticks. Launched in 2018, it was anointed as the lightest stick to ever hit the market, weighing only 355 grams as a senior stick.

It was built using Advanced Carbon Layering, a specialized design technique that uses thin carbon layers and optimizes fibre placement in order to decrease weight and maintain durability. There were, at first, concerns about its durability. However, it appears as though Bauer has been able to balance weight, strength, and power in the new Supreme ADV.

  • The center part of the FastCore blade is designed to be a strike zone for maximum energy transfer
  • Unique geometry is behind the creation of the Sonic Taper, made possible by reducing carbon layers
  • The stick weighs only 375 grams
  • An optimized flex profile gives you maximum release velocity on any type of shot
  • The outer part of the FastCore blade helps reduce weight

The Supreme brand was originally known as a slap shot stick and intended more for defensemen. It's now for the versatile player at all positions - every ounce of energy put into the stick is rewarded with maximum power.

As Hockey World Blog points out, "The Bauer Supreme ADV stick has been rumoured for a while now. Glimpses of it began popping up here and there, but it wasn’t really until training camps began to start that we got a better look at it.

At that time, we started to see photos of Jack Eichel using the new Bauer Supreme ADV stick, as well as William Nylander with his own Bauer Supreme ADV stick.

The weight is key here. Previous Supreme sticks weighed in at a minimum of 415 grams. With the Sonic Taper technology, Bauer was able to remove excess material, design a unique seven-sided shaft, and produce a light-weight stick that packs a great punch. Quite simply, it's one of the best new sticks on the market, which is why Sports Zone was picked to carry it.

The Supreme ADV is super light but offers a rocket release

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