In today's post, we are going to take a look at the best sports equipment Kitchener has to offer. 

Whether you're into hockey, figure skating, baseball, softball, lacrosse, ringette, field hockey or soccer, you deserve the best sports equipment Kitchener has to offer - contact Sports Zone today to learn more

Now let's dig in!

Sports Equipment Kitchener

The Sports Equipment You Need

Kitchener area residents are very active, and there's a high demand for high-quality sports equipment. Luckily, Sports Zone is here for you!

We are a premier local leader in the sports gear industry and have approximately 15,000 square feet of inventory space filled with new and used sporting equipment. We also have a massive online store with over 11,000 items!

Our inventory includes: 

We have the equipment you need to dominate your softball league

As the area's largest independent sports retailer, we've provided thousands of athletes with the high-performance sports gear that has helped them excel in their chosen sport. We are happy to do the same for you.

Sports Zone also has a trade-in program. Bring in your used equipment and get credit towards your next purchase!

Sports Zone is proud to have been chosen to offer the Bauer Supreme ADV, a limited-edition, high-performance stick released on October 12, 2019. To learn more about this stick, contact us today.

The Bauer Supreme ADV is a prime example of Sports Zone carrying the very best in sports equipment

Why Sports Zone Is The Best Place For Sports Equipment In Kitchener

The Sports Zone difference is our personalized level of service. We pledge to offer the customer a personal, small-store service experience with all the sports equipment and apparel that athletes need to excel at their sport.

Specialized services:

  • Two machines dedicated for hockey skate sharpening
  • One machine dedicated as a figure skate detailing and sharpening center

We employ a tool and die approach to our skate sharpening; after all, we are cutting steel! Our sharpeners use a machinist square tool to meter it to perfection and the end result is better blade performance on the ice.

But that's not all!

    • Skate blade and holder replacements to most makes
    • Rivet and eyelet repair
    • Helmet hardware
    • Glove re-lacing as well as small goalie repairs
    • SRS shaft repair system. 

Sports Zone Kitchener also features a Bauer 3D skate lab for the best possible fit! We also have a state of the art CCM stick fitter, where you can handle a stick embedded with a chip and sensors that will analyze how you shoot and recommend proper flex and curve. There's even a batting cage to try out the latest in bats!

Where To Find The Best Sports Equipment in Kitchener

Sports Zone is located at 92 Lodge Street in Waterloo, ON.


      • MON TO FRI 10AM TO 8PM
      • SAT 9AM - 5PM
      • SUN 11AM - 5PM

Want The Best Sports Equipment Kitchener Has To Offer? Come to Sports Zone!

Like the major chain sporting retailers, we carry all the major brands you need to play your best.

The Sports Zone difference, however, is our personalized level of service. We offer you a personal, small-store experience with all the sports equipment and apparel you need to excel at your sport.

As Waterloo's largest independent sports retailer, we've provided thousands of athletes like you with the high-performance sports gear that helped them excel in their chosen sport and we can do the same for you.

Whether you need football team gear, hockey equipment, skates, hockey sticks, goalie equipment, figure skates, or baseball equipment, Sports Zone has what you need at the best price, guaranteed!

Visit us today to get the best sports equipment you need to compete and take advantage of our in-store services.

Or you can order online if you're outside the Kitchener-Waterloo area.


"I've been going to Sports Zone for my figure skating needs and my brother for his hockey equipment for the longest time. Vince and Susan are amazing people to work with and treat their customers amazingly well. They have incredible knowledge about their products and only want the best for their customers."
-Kimberley Slimming